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Using Twilio to connect with you users

I have known about Twilio for a while and had been looking for an excuse to play with the awesome Phone/SMS integration service they provide.  So when I decided to write a raffle check in application for my local .NET user group, I thought that this would be a great opportunity play with their service.  Setting up integration with Twilio was very straight forward.  First I picked a phone number, loaded some money onto my Twilio account, and configured my phone number's SMS to point to my REST service.  So far the response to the check in system has been quite positive.  Before we were using the meetup responses to generate a list of users for our raffle, but there were always a few who hadn't responded on meetup, and a lot who didn't show even though they indicated they were coming.  This always resulted in wasted time in gathering the extra names and endless rounds of calling out names that weren't there.  The new system is dead simple, I write my Twilio phone number on the board and tell everyone to text their first name to it, and then everyone is entered into the raffle system.  I love when a tool removes friction, and Twilio definitely did that for me with this project.