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Surface Pro…Does it pass the WAF?

I stopped by the local Microsoft store today at lunch and tried out the Surface Pro and I must say that it was quite a nice piece of hardware. I already have the Surface RT and have been happy with the purchase overall. My wife on the other hand has been less impressed because she keeps running into things that the Surface either can’t do, or doesn’t do well. One, she keeps finding websites that don’t play nice with touch screen only interactions, (hover menus, sliders, etc.), and two, she uses sites that need to be able to run flash. She had all these complaints on her previous iPad, but I was hoping the Surface RT would fix some of this. But alas, there are still too many sites that don’t play nice with tablets. My wife keeps insisting that a laptop is what she needs because it is a real computer and won’t have the same limitations, and while I agree that it should fix those issues, it feels like a poor fit for someone who mostly consumes information.  So the $64,000 question is, does a Surface Pro tablet fix the issues, or will she still see it as just a tablet?