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How to attend a software development conference

I am always surprised at how many attendees at a conference go to the sessions and then head off to their rooms and wait for the next day.  They are missing out on all the extra curricular activities that the event organizer spent so much time planning.  Not only are they not getting the most out of their money, but they are missing out on meeting some great people.  My first few conferences I was guilty of this behavior, but through dumb luck I ended up going to dinner with most of the speakers of the conference and realized what a fun group of people they were.  Because of the friendships forged from that conference I was inspired to become a speaker share my experiences with the community.  I know being social is not always easy for us developers, and it can be uncomfortable at first, but it is like a muscle in that the more you use it, the easier it gets.  Step outside your comfort zone and forge some new friendships.

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